Due to developments in technology, you can shop, date, and work without leaving your home.  So, why can't taxes be prepared the same way?  It can! Virtual tax preparation with Reassurance Financial Services (RFS)  is stress-free and quick.  You don't have to wait in an office, have a rushed appointment, or leave feeling like your questions were not answered.  


1.  Schedule an appointment. Appointments are held via secure video conference or by phone.  There's also an option to forego the initial meeting and upload documents only.

2.  Fill out Questionnaire. It will be reviewed and discussed during the meeting.

3.  Upload Documents. A link to a secure document portal will be provided for secure transmission.

4.  Submit Payment.  The tax return is completed and a request for payment is mailed to the client.


5.  Review return.  Once payment is received, the return can be reviewed independently or a review meeting can 

be scheduled.

6.  Electronically file the return.  Digital signatures are required to electronically file the return.  Final documents are provided for your records via the client portal.