Shenedra Hall is the owner of Reassurance Financial Services. Her love for taxes began when she was a college student at Virginia State University (VSU).  One presentation for a Public Speaking Class was to teach classmates how to prepare a 1040-EZ tax return!  She graduated from VSU with a Bachelor's in Accounting and subsequently a Master's in Accounting from the University of South Carolina. From there, Shenedra began preparing returns for family members, small businesses of friends, and soon, for those in the community.  She took a small break to study and successfully earn her CPA license.  In 2014, Shenedra decided to make her business official, and opened Reassurance Financial Services (RFS). 

Initially, Shenedra focused on taxes, but realized there was a need for bookkeeping services for her small business clients.  Providing that service proved to be extremely helpful for business owners and the opportunity to provide clients with an 'aha' moment or simply reassurance that the numbers could be trusted was rewarding. 

The motto, 'Quality Work. Peace of Mind.' is by no means a catchy phrase.  It is Reassurance Financial Services' standard for service!

Location:  Holly Springs, NC

Email:  Phone:  (240) 583-0367


A Little More About Shenedra!

When not preparing taxes, she loves spending time with her husband and two children.  If you thought tax preparation was tiring, try keeping up with two young children! 

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